Divertidas tazas para decorar tu cocina

Las tazas son un elemento que no puede faltar en nuestras cocinas, un buen tazón de chocolate caliente... Pero también podemos ponerlas de forma que se vean y así ser un elemento decorativo más. Espero que os gusten estas divertidas tazas :)

Dottie mugs. How fun are these? Betcha  you can't stop feeling those bumps!
totem pole of kawaiiness by cuppycake fiend, via Flickr @Lexie GreenWe love these stackable mugs. Each cup of coffee takes us on a trip to Paris! What kind of coffee would drink in Paris? #Coffee #Cups #Paris #MrCoffee
A set with different colorsCampervan mugs...reminds me of my best friend
I love mugs...so i give mugs to the ones i love/like/admire! And i know the one who would look perfect with this ones! #SuperHero #MugsThese are the perfect mugs for the perfect couple!
Mugs.. adorable! I like the bow way better than red lips paired with the mustache!

Via: Pinterest

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