Caminos a jardines con encanto

Ya estamos en primavera, con solecito y apetece mucho poder sentarte en un rincón precioso, ver el colorido de las flores, que te den esos rayos de sol y del aire libre. Así que os dejo aquí los caminos hacia esos rincones maravillosos.

This path relies on elements close to the ground and overhead to create a sense of discovery.  -- Two streamlined metal arbors form an archway over the path, drawing the eye forward.<3 Garden Dreams | BEAUTIFUL PICTURES
from "the romantic garden" bookMy dream- a brick path completely SURROUNDED by gardens and trees! LOVE it!Welcome to Just GARDEN only. If you would like to be added to one of my boards, leave me a message at: my white garden (when I get it).  This would be easy to incorporate, with a few steps and the arch.

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