Ideas frikis para tu boda

Hoy, día 25 de mayo, celebramos el día del orgullo friki. ¡FELICIDADES FRIKIS DEL MUNDO! Que se nos oiga bien en este día, y en el resto del año. Y para celebrar este maravilloso día, que mejor que una recopilación de ideas frikis para el día de tu boda. Que levante la mano quien esté a favor...

Sweet Table Harry Potter: Adantha Wedding - 8 bit nintendo theme Photo By Mathy Shoots People:
El extraño mundo de Jack: Look at this Game of Thrones Cake Roxanne. @Roxanne R. Reber:
Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings) Wedding Invitation Suite by Chameleon Weddings on Etsy! Printable PDF for you to DIY:
He wants it! He needs it! Smeagol sees it in his Eye! Very soon, he will kill you for it! The One will take it from you!: I do, Cthulhu  Epic Cthulhu Cake Topper. I would consider this just for sethers <3:
Dining Hall from a Harry Potter Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas (31): Cake toppers by Genefy Playground
"Spent three weeks helping make this for a friend's wedding. Worth every hour."  <-- This person is a true friend.: Luke, I am your table number: a Star Wars-themed free wedding printable:
Gotta have these wedding drinks :D: Copas dragón: 1147f17f304c35d4325974047146d622.jpg (236×352):
Super pretty Star Wars / English Country wedding.: I totally want this in my yard! Just not Harry Potter.. I wanna make my own places.: Hunger Games Catching Fire Wedding  |  The Frosted Petticoat: Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding - 20 Super Geeky Weddings:

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  1. Alguien help!! Me caso y quisiera saber donde puedo comprar esas copas, mi novio y yo nos enamoramos de ellas!!!


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